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Welcome to benchstories.org, a site which
offers you to listen to folktales and other pieces of
folklore of the Waala people of Ghana.


External Coordinator
Jonathan A. Brindle

Grassroot Coordinator
Solomon A. Dansieh

Accountant and Secretary (Wa, Ghana)
Mary Mumuni


This site is created and maintained by volunteers for the Yelikore Sensenniba Association (YSA). It is our hope that in exchange for the performance they freely offer the visitor of this site, they can pay the cost of running the organization smoothly. For the visitors who are unaware of the socio-economic situation in Northern Ghana, a factor such as income security, among others, makes it difficult for elderly members of the association to pay for their transport and other expenses when meetings are called. Renting of recording equipments, technical staff, etc. is not affordable unless the association gain members and receive donations.

We have not yet set up our donation system. Please contact us if you are interested in donating any amount to the Yelikore Sensenniba Association (YSA), learn about the payment procedure, or have more information about the association.


All nationalities: 5 dollars (USD) or 20 Ghana Cedis (GHS) a year.